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Software by Comfort Software Group
Download Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard
The letters are in A to Z order, like the alphabet.
 File Size:495 KB
Download Comfort Clipboard Lite Comfort Clipboard Lite
Your personal safe clipboard manager (lite edition).
 File Size:1.98 MB
Download Comfort Clipboard Pro Comfort Clipboard Pro
A clipboard manager. It supports all known data formats.
 File Size:1.79 MB
Download Comfort Keys Lite Comfort Keys Lite
All actions in one click!
 File Size:2.68 MB
Download Comfort Keys Pro Comfort Keys Pro
Hotkeys manager that will help you automate frequently repeated action.
 File Size:2.53 MB
Download Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite
Virtual on-screen keyboard with shortcut icons.
 File Size:2.16 MB
Download Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro
A unique on-screen keyboard displaying actually typed characters and hotkeys.
 File Size:2.15 MB
Download Comfort Paste Comfort Paste
Quickly paste frequently used text and graphic fragments.
 File Size:1.66 MB
Download Comfort Typing Lite Comfort Typing Lite
Make your typing faster and more pleasant.
 File Size:1.88 MB
Download Comfort Typing Pro Comfort Typing Pro
Comfort Typing makes your typing faster and more pleasant
 File Size:1.99 MB
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