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Download Active Work Tracker Active Work Tracker
It is a PC events tracker that surveys the time you spend working on your PC.
 File Size:511 KB
Download Adds for Outlook Adds for Outlook
Make an Alarm Clock and MP3 player from your Outlook.
 File Size:456 KB
Download Admin Http Time Sync Admin Http Time Sync
PC clock sync NT Service uses HTTP for office workstations.
 File Size:605 KB
Download Ahead By Ahead By
It changes the output format of the System Tray Clock.
 File Size:626 KB
Download Alarm Master Alarm Master
Skinnable PIM with alarm clock, scheduler, calendar and timer.
 File Size:1.59 MB
Download Alarm Master Plus Alarm Master Plus
It is a PIM with alarm clock, scheduler, calendar and timer.
 File Size:1.79 MB
Download Alive Backup Alive Backup
It is a files backup program that executes as background process.
 File Size:356 KB
Download Alive Folders Alive Folders
A files synchronizing and backup program.
 File Size:352 KB
Download Atomic Clock Service Atomic Clock Service
PC atomic clock synchronizer with useful features (time offset, periods, etc.)
 File Size:843 KB
Download GPS Time and Test GPS Time and Test
PC Clock synchronization using GPS. It can be used as NMEA and COM port tester.
 File Size:495 KB
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