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Software by Briggs Softworks
Download Calendar Commander Calendar Commander
Print over 20 ready made calendars in any style imaginable.
 File Size:947 KB
Download CryptaFlix CryptaFlix
Video player with 256-bit AES encryption for DivX and AVI movie files.
 File Size:953 KB
Download CryptaPix CryptaPix
JPG graphics viewer with encryption, thumbnail, and slideshow features.
 File Size:674 KB
Download Directory Snoop Directory Snoop
File search, undelete, and wipe utility for Windows.
 File Size:1.51 MB
Download File Maven Pro File Maven Pro
Dual directory file manager with zip support, text editor, and viewer.
 File Size:844 KB
Download Link Maven Link Maven
Parallel link file transfer tool for Windows.
 File Size:957 KB
Download Order Maven Order Maven
Order form generator for online merchants.
 File Size:852 KB
Download Puffer Puffer
Data file & e-mail security with AES & Diffie-Hellman public key encryption.
 File Size:1.03 MB
Download Space Quarry Space Quarry
Asteroid blaster game for Windows.
 File Size:684 KB

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