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Download Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem 3D
Exterminate alien race in this 3D shooter game.
 File Size:5.65 MB
Download Duke Nukem I Duke Nukem I
Somersault and cling on to ceilings as you escape traps and battle Proton's robot guards.
 File Size:305 KB
Download Duke Nukem II Duke Nukem II
Help Duke escape his alien prison cell, then battle to end the hideous plans of the Rigelatins.
 File Size:1.09 MB
Download Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus
Action platform game that will take Hocus to 16 unique realms filled with dangers and enemies.
 File Size:915 KB
Download Major Stryker Major Stryker
Shoot 'em up game where you pilot a high-powered, armored space ship through dozens of stunning scenarios.
 File Size:1.19 MB
Download Math Rescue Math Rescue
Mathematical game to improve your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
 File Size:468 KB
Download Monster Bash Monster Bash
Johnny Dash's bash 'em smash 'em adventure takes him into the evil Under World of Count Chuck.
 File Size:1016 KB
Download Mystic Towers Mystic Towers
Action-oriented and puzzle filled game of exploration and magic.
 File Size:1.02 MB
Download Paganitzu Paganitzu
Guide your character, Alabama Smith, into a vast and dangerous Aztec pyramid, and survive the adventure of a lifetime.
 File Size:361 KB
Download Prey Prey
First person shooter where you set out to save yourself, your girlfriend, and eventually your planet.
 File Size:448.00 MB
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