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Download Online Icon Set Online Icon Set
This icon set will breathe new life and colors into your web site.
 File Size:1.62 MB
Download People Icons for Vista People Icons for Vista
A set of toolbar icons depicting people's jobs, groups, family status and hands.
 File Size:2.41 MB
Download Perfect Bank Icons Perfect Bank Icons
Matching toolbar icons for accounting and banking applications and web sites.
 File Size:2.63 MB
Download Perfect Blog Icons Perfect Blog Icons
Empower your blog or forum with readily available Perfect Blog Icons.
 File Size:1.01 MB
Download Perfect City Icons Perfect City Icons
Isometric projection icons of various objects of city infrastructure.
 File Size:1.22 MB
Download Perfect Icon Perfect Icon
Create beautiful icons from pictures and photos in seconds.
 File Size:1.19 MB
Download Perfect Medical Icons Perfect Medical Icons
A fantastic set of medicine-related icons!
 File Size:2.08 MB
Download Perfect Mobile Icons Perfect Mobile Icons
Enhance PDA and mobile software with perfectly crafted icons.
 File Size:1.37 MB
Download Perfect Network Icons Perfect Network Icons
A collection of pre-made network-related icons.
 File Size:3.10 MB
Download Perfect People Icons Perfect People Icons
Icons of people drawn in avatar-like style for forums or instant messengers.
 File Size:2.10 MB
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