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Software by Abacre Limited
Download Abacre Antivirus Abacre Antivirus
Increase your computer's security with new generation antivirus!
 File Size:1.17 MB
Download Abacre Backup Abacre Backup
Backup important files on any device and protect data from any computer failure
 File Size:1.01 MB
Download Abacre File Encryptor Abacre File Encryptor
Reliably protect your files from prying eyes.
 File Size:938 KB
Download Abacre Paperless Office Abacre Paperless Office
Use electronic documents instead of paper.
 File Size:775 KB
Download Abacre Photo Downloader Abacre Photo Downloader
Quickly find and download pictures from Web.
 File Size:800 KB
Download Abacre Photo Editor Abacre Photo Editor
Enhance your scanned or digital photos.
 File Size:793 KB
Download Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales
A new generation of restaurant management.
 File Size:1.48 MB
Download Abacre Web Site Uploader Abacre Web Site Uploader
Upload your web site with one click using this powerful FTP sync client.
 File Size:736 KB
Download Advanced Find and Replace Advanced Find and Replace
Search documents with smart queries and batch replace lines of text!
 File Size:836 KB
Download Advanced Log Analyzer Advanced Log Analyzer
Get complete control of your visitors from web site statistics.
 File Size:1.21 MB