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Software by ADC-Soft
Download B-Jigsaw B-Jigsaw
Play jigsaw puzzles with your own pictures on your PC.
 File Size:1.67 MB
Download B-Puzzle B-Puzzle
Play sliding puzzles with your own pictures on your PC.
 File Size:1.06 MB
Download CTris 2000 CTris 2000
Play seven variations of the falling-blocks game.
 File Size:656 KB
Download Hex Mines Hex Mines
Play six variations of Minesweeper game.
 File Size:225 KB
Download Java Clock Applet Java Clock Applet
Display a clock on your Web pages.
 File Size:6 KB
Download SimpleFind SimpleFind
Find information on the Internet using top search engines with one click.
 File Size:946 KB
Download TDotMatrix5x7 Component TDotMatrix5x7 Component
A 5x7 dot matrix display for your Delphi's form.
 File Size:53 KB
Download TSevenSegment Component TSevenSegment Component
A seven segment display for your Delphi's form.
 File Size:78 KB
Download TTrayIcon Component TTrayIcon Component
A Delphi component to show icon on the tray bar.
 File Size:34 KB

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