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Software by ABF Software, Inc.
Download ABF Audio Tags Editor ABF Audio Tags Editor
Tool to work with tags of MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF files.
 File Size:1.83 MB
Download ABF CD Blaster ABF CD Blaster
ABF CD Blaster combines CD Burner and CD Ripper in one program.
 File Size:1.53 MB
Download ABF CD Shell ABF CD Shell
A constructor set for creating electronic catalogues.
 File Size:1.04 MB
Download ABF Favorite Folders ABF Favorite Folders
Manage and access a list of frequently used folders.
 File Size:824 KB
Download ABF Internet Explorer Tools ABF Internet Explorer Tools
A set of plug-ins for MS Internet Explorer.
 File Size:1.07 MB
Download ABF Magnifying Tools ABF Magnifying Tools
A set of tools for viewing the screen in different zooms.
 File Size:2.02 MB
Download ABF Outlook Backup ABF Outlook Backup
A backup and synchronization tool for the MS Outlook.
 File Size:1.03 MB
Download ABF Outlook Express Backup ABF Outlook Express Backup
Backup and synchronization tool for Outlook Express.
 File Size:2.08 MB
Download ABF Password Recovery ABF Password Recovery
A program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords.
 File Size:1.35 MB
Download ABF Value Converter ABF Value Converter
A powerful measurement units converter and math calculator.
 File Size:970 KB
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