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6.80 MB
License [?]:
Open Source
Not available
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Web Development and Publishing Software
WordPress Foundation
Operating System:
Unix Linux
Additional Requirements:
PHP version 5.6 or newer, MySQL version 5.5 or newer, Apache or Nginx server is recommended.
Not available

WordPress Review

" Easily create any type of website or blog from simple to complex, with this easy-to-use content management system. "

WordPress is a very powerful yet easy-to-use and flexible content management system written in PHP and for use with MySQL database.

With WordPress, you can build any type of website -- from simple to complex websites, blogs and also applications. You can extend the functionality of website or blog with thousands of plugins available.

Today, WordPress is used by more than 20% of the websites worldwide -- personal websites, government websites, enterprise websites, blogs, online communities, magazine websites, recipe websites, professional portfolios, fortune 500 websites -- you name it. It can be done with WordPress.

WordPress is a free software therefore, you have complete control over it. You can modify the code in any way and use it even for commercial projects.

WordPress combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers.

  • Plugins: Extend the features and functionality of website or blog with thousands of plugins available at your fingertips.

  • Themes: Change the look of your website by installing free themes found in the theme directory. You can also develop your own custom themes.

  • Publishing:

    Easily create posts or pages, format them, insert a photo or video and with the click of a button your content is published on the web. You can schedule publication, make your content public or private.

  • User Management: The various features available to the user are determined by their user level. The site owner has full control what users can and cannot do within the site. Six predefined roles are Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber.

  • Media Management: Quickly upload images and media with simple drag-and-drop function. You can add text, caption and titles and insert images into your content. Few image editing tools are available.

  • Standards Compliance: All WordPress generated codes are fully compliant with the standards set by the W3C thus compatible with today's browser. WordPress is also optimized for search engines.

  • Built-in Comments: With WordPress's comment tool, you can moderate forum discussion or blog comments.

  • Multilingual: WordPress is available in more than 70 languages.

  • Easy Installation: With WordPress's famous 5-minute installation, it's easy to install and upgrade WordPress. If you have knowledge and skills using FTP program, you can create a database and install WordPress on your own. Else there are plenty of web hosts that let you install WordPress with the click of a button.

  • Other Features: Template driven design, dynamic page generation, support TrackBack and PingBack standards



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