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Visual Basic Community Edition
Chapter 6-10 and projects are not included.

Beginning Visual Basic Review

" A step-by-step introduction to Visual Basic computer programming for teens and adults. "

Beginning Visual Basic presents the world of computer programming using the popular Visual Basic environment.

There are 10 chapters in this tutorial which will take you step-by-step through the process of building Visual Basic Windows applications using numerous examples and fun practical projects you can build.

Beginning Visual Basic is written in plain English and the e-book is in editable and printable Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.

10 Chapters of the Beginning Visual Basic are:
  1. Introducing Visual Basic
  2. The Visual Basic Environment
  3. Your First Visual Basic Project
  4. Project Design, Forms, Command Buttons
  5. Labels, Text Boxes, Variables
  6. Scroll Bars, Decisions, Random Numbers
  7. Icons, Frames, Check Boxes, Option Buttons
  8. Picture Boxes, Mouse Events
  9. Game Design, Lines, Shapes, Images
  10. Timers, Keyboard Events
  11. Appendix: Other Projects to Try

Every chapter requires about 3 to 6 hours of study and practice to understand the concepts completely.



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