Component Renderers 1.0b


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Java Software
SyGem Software
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Unix DOS Mac Linux Windows 2000 Palm Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
JDK 1.4
Not available

Component Renderers Review

" A set of custom renderers to improve the look of Java Swing components, with gradients and textures. "

A selection of component renderers that can liven up and add distinctive features to your user interfaces.

Currently there are 4 renderers in this library:

- WatermarkBackgroundRenderer : Draws an (optionally transparent) icon of your choice at the bottom-right of a component.
- GradientBackgroundRenderer : Renders a smooth gradient from left to right across a component.
- VerticalBackgroundRenderer : Similar to the GradientBackgroundRenderer, but renders tha gradient from top to bottom across the component.
- TextureBackgroundRenderer : Fills the component with a texture.


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