Droplets for Borland JBuilder 2.33


Software Specifications

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13.70 MB
License [?]:
$995.00 USD
Last Updated:
Java Software
Droplets, Inc.
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
45MB hard disk space, 128MB RAM
30 days trial, supports up to 3 concurrent users.

Droplets for Borland JBuilder Review

" Rich thin client application framework for Borland JBuilder. "

Network applications have been divided into two distinct paradigms in recent years, and neither has been able to bring the full range of necessary capabilities to remote desktops. Both paradigms have strict functional limitations that make them less than ideal. HTML is bandwidth intensive, slow and page-based. Fat client/server requires large downloads in order to function, necessitating manual upgrades on every single machine, creating a real virus threat, and forcing developers to account for legacy clients that may still exist for the lifetime of the application.

Droplets for Borland JBuilder brings together the best of Web-based and local application delivery, while eliminating the disadvantages of each. Combining the end user benefits of client-side software with the administrative benefits of server-side software, the Droplets SDK puts rich UIs on server-side software, providing your users with a universal user interface - even across devices.
  • Increase usability, productivity and loyalty
  • Deliver richer, more flexible applications
  • Provide access from desktops, browsers, and wireless
  • Tap into legacy data with a universal UI
  • Decrease your company's infrastructure costs
  • Lower your annual bandwidth costs by 90%
  • Eliminate desktop application maintenance


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