1-2-3 PieCharts 1.0


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2.11 MB
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$59.95 USD
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Java Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Unix Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

1-2-3 PieCharts Review

" 3D animated java piechart that loads extremely fast. "

1-2-3 PieCharts, easy as 1-2-3!, is a cool new 3D animated java piechart that loads extremely fast, offers you extreme customizability, and offers you great features!

You can include variable amount of pie slices:
- Change colors of the pieslices
- Supports ability to hyperlink pieslices, with target windows!
- Ability to show percentages for the data values entered
- Ability to change the pie slice labels
- Control over colors such as the background/foreground text colors
- Ability to automatically start the demo sequence
- Ability to set an automatic pie chart scrolling speed
- You can change the piechart header and piechart footer messages
- You can choose whether or not you want labels displayed
- You can change the fonts
- You can also include a background image that you wish to use
- And lots of fun with other customizable elements such as the starting piechart height, radius, y offset, and more!


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