Help Compiler & Transparent Bitmaps 1.0


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Windows 95 Windows 98
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Help Compiler & Transparent Bitmaps Review

" A help file illustrating a quirk in the use of transparent bitmaps in Windows .hlp files. "

I think this is now useless info for anybody using the help compiler that comes with Visual Studio 5 or later!

This help file illustrates a discovery I made when I was writing a help file. If you read the documentation that comes with Microsoft's Help Compiler it mentions that you can have transparent pictures (similar to those used on web pages). If you followed the instructions it didn't always work (which is unfortunately typical of most help files :-)

The help file in the zip shows how to correctly get transparent pictures into your work.

NOTE: This is for the old .hlp format files, I doubt it would apply to the new .chm format... mainly because the new format is mangled html!


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