Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (Visual Studio Edition) 1.0

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Visual Paradigm
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (Visual Studio Edition) Review

" A full-featured visual analysis, modeling extension for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. "

Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment Visual Studio Edition (VP-SDE VS) is a full-featured visual analysis, modeling extension for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. VP-SDE VS contains all UML diagrams and model elements which allow you to model any sophisticated systems. With the unique textual analysis and use case modeling facility, you can perform the requirement capturing and analysis tasks easily.

VP-SDE VS allows you to generate your .NET source code from the model directly, or reverse engineer your existing code into the model for further enhancement. The advanced diagram printing and documentation generation facility helps you to create detail report on your project. With VP-SDE VS, experience both the user-friendly environment brought from VP-UML, and the effortless editing behavior while performing analysis, modeling, implementation on the .NET environment.

  • UML Diagrams - Class, Object, Use Case, Collaboration, Sequence, State, Activity, Component, Deployment
  • Use Case Description - use case scheduling, flow of events
  • Textual Analysis - editing problem statement, identifying candidate classes
  • CRC Cards - identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations
  • Business Workflow Diagram
  • Code generation - from models/diagrams to code
  • Code reverse engineering - from code to models/diagrams
  • Round-trip engineering - synchronizing code and models/diagrams (automatically)
  • Automatic Diagram Layout - diagrams are arranged automatically
  • OLE support - drawing UML diagrams in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and etc.
  • Report generation - generating documentation in HTML or PDF format
  • Import - importing XMI, Rational Rose projects
  • Export - exporting diagrams to XMI
  • Online help+ Online tutorial


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