Protivia 2.12

Software Specifications

Protivia Screenshot
Editor Rating
2.58 MB
License [?]:
$45.00 USD
Last Updated:
Editors and Tools Software
Orbitech Ltd.
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000
Additional Requirements:
32MB RAM, 4MB disk space.
30-Day Trial.

Protivia Review

" Write and edit C and C++ code. "

Fully functional C/C++ multi-file editor designed for software developers, who do not have an IDE.

Provides definitions of colors and font styles for C/C++ reserved and user defined words. Supports multi-level undo.

The workspace consists of three independent parts. They are File Tree, Editor Window, Results Window and ToDo/Remarks Window.

The File Tree displays the tree of the user files included in a Protivia project.

The Editor Windows is used for editing C/C++ source code.

The Result Window is not used in this version. In later versions it will contain the compile results.

Protivia supports two sets of words - one for the environment and one for the project. The set for the environment contains all the C/C++ reserved words and their settings are common for all the projects. The second set is for user defined words. It contains words that are specific for each project. The user can add and/or remove words in this set and also import words and their settings from other projects. For any word the color and font style can be selected.

Evaluation Serial Number: L7ABN-JZRLR-G5L5E-UH5LJ


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