FastReport 3.22


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1.56 MB
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$79.00 USD
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FastReport Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
Delphi 4-7/2005/2006, BCB 4-6
100-use trial.

FastReport Review

" Report generator with visual designer, dialog forms and scripting languages. "

[enterprise edition]
+ added lot of properties in configuration file (config.xml), added CSV, BMP, GIF, TIFF output formats, added caching of reports in memory
* changed format of configuration file (important! see details in server_changes.txt), property TfrxServer.Configuration is obsolete, updated server/service demo, modified log-writer, statistic, cache modules
- lot of minor fixes
+ added TfrxHTMLExport.UseGif property
+ added unicode support in HTML, "Rich Text" (RTF) and XML exports
+ added TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters and TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters properties;
+ added TfrxReport.OnPreview event
+ added TfrxReport.OnPrintPage event
+ [FQB] property fqbCore.UsingQuotes added for support of quoted field names
+ added Slovak language resources
+ added clipping in the preview
+ added TfrxPreview.BackColor, FrameColor properties
+ added printer fonts to fontname combobox
+ added transparency/backcolor to rich object
+ added TfrxDesigner.OnInsertObject Event
* changes in the databand editor
* "Pictures" checkbox changed to combobox (none/jpeg/bmp/gif) in HTML export dialog
* "Styles" checkbox changed to "Continuous" in XLS and XML export dialog
* bcb2006 compatibility
* update Danish, Dutch, Brazilian resources
FastReport 3 is a report generator for giving your application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport provides all the tools you need to develop reports.All variants of FastReport 3 contains:
Visual report designer with rulers, guides and zooming, wizard for base type reports, export filters to html, tiff, bmp, jpg, xls, pdf, Dot matrix reports support, support most popular DB-engines. Full WYSIWYG, text rotation 0..360 degrees, memo object supports simple html-tags (font color, b, i, u, sub, sup), improved stretching (StretchMode, ShiftMode properties), Access to DB fields, styles, text
flow, URLs, Anchors.


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