Outline Saver 2.2

Software Specifications

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719 KB
License [?]:
$20.00 USD
Last Updated:
Editors and Tools Software
Kresimir Krecak
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Any edition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 installed
Not available

Outline Saver Review

" Visual Studio .NET add-in that saves and restores outlines when you work in manual outlining mode. "

Outline Saver is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.

It's primary function is to save and restore both automatic and manual outlining information and outline states for any kind of text document for which Visual Studio provides outlining capability.

It also extends the manual outlining mode by providing you with the ability to change the outline's banner text, so you can change it into something that makes more sense than those nasty three dotts ("...") that Visual Studio forces by default. It even helps you replace it, by automaticaly providing new banner text suggestion.

It can, and will, greatly improve your programming experience, no matter if you write your code in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, J#, or some other language, no matter if you use automatic or manual outlining mode.


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