LadyAnt 1.22


Software Specifications

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2.59 MB
License [?]:
$47.00 USD
Last Updated:
Distribution and Management Software
Orbitech Ltd.
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME
Additional Requirements:
30-Day Trial.

LadyAnt Review

" Utilize precise document management and product test organization of your project. "

LadyAnt is an innovative and advanced tool for precise Document Management and complete Product Test Organization of every project or activity.

Features include: secured multi-user support, multiple project organization, central database, and more.

By using LadyAnt you can easily organize, automate and simplify the Document Management and Test Organization in your company. By using LadyAnt it is easy to be organized the multiple-user access and user rights associated with the documentation of a project. The users operate with multiple projects and have different rights of access to the database.

LadyAnt Project Scheduler is included as a separate application in LadyAnt. At no additional charge everyone who uses LadyAnt can easily create a detailed implementation timetable of a LadyAnt project or any project of his own. Name, duration, importance and deadline could categorize every task. LadyAnt Project Scheduler allows all participants in a project to better keep themselves informed about the tasks that they are involved in.

Evaluation Serial Number: TR46D-CGUAK-DRLCQ-UEJLB


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