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PAD Creator Review

" Create and manage your PAD files fast and easy. "

Create and manage your PAD files fast and easy with the awarded PAD Creator - A Must Have tool for all developers!

Just fill in your products information and save. Then you can validate and create your padfile within a second by just clicking a button. PAD files are commonly used by all major download directories on the net and most of them will poll your padfile from your server automatically once you submitted it.

PAD Creator support unlimited companies and products and it's Totally FREE to use! It has also a built-in Keyword Generator and a huge Shareware Download Directory of more than 400 sites where you can submit your products to.

And best of all - it's FREEWARE!

Here are some of PAD Creators Award Winning features.

* Easy import of old PAD files

* Easy validation of your PAD files

* Support for Unlimited Companies setup

* Support for Unlimited Products Setup - Each organized by company

* Built-in Keywords Generator

* Built-in Language Translator popup access

* Built-In submission tool that you can use to submit your product's to +400 Shareware sites

* Pre-made extension for Regnow Vendors

* Generate pad index page - Great for affiliates to pick up product info from!

* Extremely Easy To Use - Click-Tab wizard style interface

This doesn't even scratch the surface of all the features available in PAD Creator The fact is, every software developer should have it in his toolbox! Now you really need to try it out to see what it can do for you!


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