CDB Migrator 4.0


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CDB Migrator Review

" Migrates data and structural objects between heterogenous databases. "

CDB Migrator is the most comprehensive and cost-effective conversion tool that allows you to easily migrate data, schema, procedures and other objects between multiple databases.

CDB Migrator is intended for migrating most of schemas objects, including:
- Table Structure
- Table/View Data for all data types including UNICODE and BINARY column types
- Indexes
- Primary key
- Foreign keys

On of the most distinctive characteristics of the product is its wide functionality for migration settings as well as intelligent engines allowing migration of different data types; for example data of NUMERIC type columns will be successfully migrated into columns of CHAR type.

When migrating data, there is often a demand to unite data from different tables into one table, or either separate/divide data from one table into different tables. For instance, legacy database schemas with large data collected for years need to be upgraded to a new application, which uses different schemas. To do that one will probably need to convert data from legacy schemas to the new ones. No doubt, new schemas structure will differ from legacy schemas in - tables, data types, etc. How to convert the data? We say, by using most up-to-date dbBalance migration strategy technologies and "Virtual Tables" mechanisms you will successfully overcome these problems.

CDB Migrator is a tool fully focused on database migration. Besides solving general migration issues, it also automatically handles a great number of minor differences between databases by generating intelligible code. Ensuring a flexible migration process, it allows you to customize the conversion to fully meet your needs.


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