CDB Synchronizer 4.0


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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
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CDB Synchronizer Review

" Compares and synchronizes data and structures of heterogenous database. "

CDB Synchronizer is the industry standard tool for comparing and synchronizing the contents of two databases.

With CDB Synchronizer you will be able to synchronize following database objects:
- Database structure
- Indexes
- Primary keys
- Foreign keys
- Store Procedures
- Table Data

The synchronization can be performed immediately after comparison, using GUI client as well as synchronization SQL script can be generated for further synchronization in off line or remotely mode.

Data synchronization has an additional modes allowing creating different comparison and synchronization strategies including:
- The direction of synchronization;
- The level of synchronization: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations
- Reaction during synchronization session on anticipated DBMS failures.
- Set of table and their synchronization order.
- Time scheduling setting for data synchronization operation.

During synchronization the program automatically defines data types of column participating in synchronization session. This means that the data in column of NUMERIC type can be synchronized to a column of CHAR type. Using "Virtual Tables" technology it is possible to cover intelligent synchronization of data. Synchronization repots subsystem creates detailed report about synchronization session in HTML format.


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