EMS MySQL Manager Professional 3.4


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13.56 MB
License [?]:
$135.00 USD
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Databases and Networks Software
EMS Software Development
Operating System:
Windows 95 Unix Windows 98 Linux Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 166, 32MB RAM; Possibility to connect to some local or remote MySQL Database Server.
30-day trial

EMS MySQL Manager Professional Review

" State-of-the-art GUI tool for MySQL Server administration and development. "

EMS MySQL Manager is a powerful tool for MySQL Database Server administration and development. MySQL Manager works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5 and supports all of the latest MySQL features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, user-definable functions, transaction-safe tables, new MySQL 5 Authentication Protocol, MySQL 4.x user privilege extensions, charsets and collations support for databases and tables.

It offers plenty of powerful tools for experienced users such as Visual Database Designer, Visual Query Builder, and BLOB viewer/editor to satisfy all their needs. MySQL Manager has a new state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects in a simple and direct way, run SQL scripts, manage users and administer user privileges, edit SQL queries, extract and print metadata, create database structure reports in HTML format, export/import data, and supplies many other services that will make your work with MySQL server as easy as it can be.

EMS MySQL Manager features:

- Full support of MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5;
- New state-of-the-art graphical user interface;
- Rapid database management and navigation;
- Simple management of all MySQL objects;
- Advanced data manipulation tools;
- Powerful security management;
- Excellent visual and text tools for query building;
- Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard;
- Impressive data export and import abilities;
- Completely remade Visual Database Designer;
- Easy-to-use wizards performing MySQL services;
- Both Windows and Linux versions available.


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