Connection Pool for Delphi 1.4

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$27.00 USD
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Databases and Networks Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Delphi 5, 6, 7
Maximum 3 concurrent connections.

Connection Pool for Delphi Review

" Provides developers a way to cache connections to databases. "

A connection pool is a cache of open connections that can be used and reused, thus cutting down on the overhead of creating and destroying database connections. Connection pooling is a method for conserving scarce database resources by managing a pool of connections among concurrently active clients. Connection Pool provides developers a way to easily cache open connections to databases. This is useful in server environments since opening database connections can be slow.

Why you need a connection pool? As example: a dynamic web site generates HTML pages from information stored in a database. Each request for a page results in a database access. But connecting to a database is a time consuming activity since the database must allocate communication and memory resources as well as authenticate the user and set up the corresponding security context. The exact time varies, of course, but it is not unusual to see connection times of one or two seconds. Establishing the connection once and then use the same connection for subsequent requests can therefore dramatically improve the performance of a database driven web application.

Connection Pool for Delphi Advantages
  • Supported all delphi database engines: Borland Database Engine (BDE), ADO, IB, dbExpress
  • The maximum number of connections for the pool to create (Connection pool dynamically sizes to meet spikes in demand)
  • Simplicity of use;
  • Connection pool is really thread-safe;
  • Native VCL code.
  • Borland Delphi 5-6-7 supported
  • Some third-party database engines is supported


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