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Software Specifications

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1.39 MB
License [?]:
$299.00 USD
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Components and Libraries Software
EgyFirst Software, Inc
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
MS IE 4.0
Expires in 30 days.

DC Data Manger Review

" Handles all aspects required with a data form. "

Few Lines to add in your Form_Load event and you will get full control over your form and all included (TextBox - Lables-Buttons-Grid-Recordset) and all related events (Leave-paint-Keypress-AfterColEdit-OnAddNew-Click-MouseEnter-MouseLeave-MouseDown-Enter)

You can:
- Navigate first, previous, next and last
- Add new records, edit it, save it, or delete it
- Retrieve related names to your fields code
- Trigger sensitive DataHelp to select from by pressing F1
- Trigger sensitive Help by pressing F12
- Validate your entry by restrict it to predefined type(Numeric-Alphabetic-AlphaNumeric-Date-Decimal) or to your defined characters
- Notify you with red forecolor if your entry is not proper
- Format data by define decimal places for numeric entry, or define letter case for charactes entry
- Change button image according to mouse movement or focus change
- Support MultiLanguage Application, by populate form labels with predefined translation automatically
- Support Eastern Language, we support right to left application by changing alignment to right and orientation by flip form horizontally 180
- Enable you navigate through controls with Return key as with tab key.


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