Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms 3.0


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$489.00 USD
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Nevron LLC
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms Review

" Professional Diagram component for Windows Forms applications. "

Nevron Diagram for Windows Forms is the leading diagram visualization component for Windows Forms. The component is suitable for flowcharts, network editors, organization charts, industrial control software, form layout tools and others. The rich set of shape and link styles combined with advanced logic like automatic tree and symmetrical layouts, graph analysis tools, intelligent connectors, dynamic splines and polylines make this component unique.

The key features are:
* Ability to display a myriad of shapes
Basic Shapes: Rectangle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Triangle, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Hexagram and Octagram
Flowchart Shapes: Document, Data, Predefined Process, Stored Data, Internal Storage, Sequential Access Storage, Manual Input, Card, Punched Tape, Display, Manual Operation, Termination, Multi Document, Off Page Connection, Magnetic Disk, Transport, Sum Junction, Or, Collate, Sort, Extract, Merge, Delay, Process Iso9000, Triangle Rectangle, Simple Arrow, Sunken Arrow
* Ability to display line links with the following styles - Simple, Polyline, Spline, Bezier and Step Lines
* Ability to display connectors (arrow heads) in 15 different styles - Arrow, Circle, Closed Fork, Double Arrow, Fork, Lose Angle, Many, Many Optional, One, One Optional, One Or Many, Opened Arrow, Quill Arrow and Sunken Arrow
* Advanced interactivity features
* Automatic content fitting
* Grid - The grid supports several modes of visualization. Mouse and keyboard input can be snapped to major grid lines
* History support
* View Styles
* Measurement Units Support
* Layout Formatting Commands
* Tree Layout
* Symmetrical Layout
* Persistency
* Fill Effect Editors
* Line Properties Editors
* Shadow Editors
* Keyboard support
* Built-in Ruler and Status Bar
* Built-in User Interface controls
* Advanced interactivity tools and features
* Clipboard Support
* Print Manager
* Image Export
* HTML 2 documentation with MSDN look and feel


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