Nevron Chart for ASP . NET 3.0


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9.96 MB
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$489.00 USD
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Nevron LLC
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
64MB RAM, Pentium class processor
Not available

Nevron Chart for ASP . NET Review

" Professional charting component for ASP .NET applications. "

Nevron Chart for Windows Forms is the leading charting component for ASP .NET applications. The component delivers rich charting functionality suitable for presentation, scientific, financial and business charts. This combined with the presentation "out of the box" quality of the generated charts and the powerful ASP .NET support makes this component unique.

New features in 3.0:
* New GDI+ rendering engine - the developer can switch between OpenGL and GDI+ rendering device at runtime
* Photoshop - like image filters effects
* HTML - like formatted multi line texts
* Shadows - solid, linear blur, radial blur and gaussian blur shadows
* Improved HTML images maps
* Out of process rendering - fail safe type of rendering on the server, also allows for distributed rendering
* Better image borders with applied fill effect, border and shadow
* Improved speed and memory footprint - Faster 2D and 3D rendering

Other features:
* Ability to display the following charting types: Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Point, Bubble, Stock, Floating Bar, Radar, Polar, High-Low, Mesh Surface, Grid Surface and Shape with lots of style and logic variations
* Flexible integrated legend
* Built in financial and custom formula support
* Full Visual Studio design time support
* Advanced control over the axis scaling and position
* Axis labeling - stripes, constant lines and custom axis labels
* Watermarks and Labels
* Advanced 3D view control
* Visual effects like antialiasing, alpha blending, jittering (scene antialiasing) and lighting
* HTML 2 documentation with MSDN look and feel
* Lots of examples demonstrating the features of the component

ASP .NET related features:
* Server side persistency
* Ability to read the component server side configuration from web.config files
* Ability to inject custom client side script
* Ability to directly stream an image to the client browser
* Build in temporary file clean up
* Build in browser detection
* Standalone server side configuration utility


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