Xceed Grid for .NET 3.2


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18.70 MB
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$399.95 USD
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Xceedsoft Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
.NET framework
Not available

Xceed Grid for .NET Review

" A highly advanced and 100% extensible Windows Forms grid control for .NET. "

Xceed Grid for .NET is an advanced and highly extensible Win Forms grid control designed to combine the best capabilities of bound & unbound grids while improving on flexibility, reliability & display speed. It provides a rich and logical object model for building solid grid-based applications. It's the only grid whose every class can be inherited from and extended for true flexibility and that can use any .NET control as a cell viewer or editor. It is also the only grid that offers a true WYSIWYG designer to allow developers to efficiently setup their grid.

As a fully object-oriented .NET grid, it leaves behind the old programming paradigms from the ActiveX world that other grids have salvaged. With just a few easy to master objects, you will intuitively grasp how it works. Extensibility is a fundamental part of its core. Every single class in its rich object model is inheritable & documented so that it can be easily extended. Any behavior can be modified, making it extremely flexible and adaptable to any project. All visual elements displayed by the grid behave as if they were individual controls. No other grid provides such fine control over the details on the grid's work surface.

Allows any .NET control to be used as a cell viewer or editor. Hundreds of controls can be used, including those that come with Visual Studio.NET. No special code required.

Unique ability to work as a fully unbound grid & as a data-bound grid. Applications can seamlessly display & edit unbound/bound data at the same time. Also, row & cell objects let you easily combine text & graphics anywhere.

Offers a truly rich design-time experience by introducing two unique technologies: a true WYSIWYG grid designer & an innovative Grid Assistant. The grid designer is an intuitive visual editor that lets you completely configure the grid right on your form. The Grid Assistant guides you through each step & offers solutions without sweating the details.


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