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C. Killet Software Ing.-GbR
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows CE
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200MHz CPU, 256 MB Memory, 10 MB HD
BetaDLL functions are available for 100 geodetic calculation after each program start.

BetaDLL (English) Review

" DLL with geodesic functions for NTv2 coordinate transformations with Beta2007. "

BetaDLL contains precise functions for coordinate transformations between Gauss-Krueger, UTM and Geographic coordinates with datum shifts between DHDN, WGS84 and ETRS89 using the German NTv2 standard BeTA2007, supports the INSPIRE directive and is supplied as a DLL file or as C++ source code.

According to the INSPIRE directive in Germany so far in the Gauss-Krueger / DHDN system available geo references must be converted to the UTM / ETRS89 system for future use. BetaDLL supports the development of geodetic software on various platforms for this transformations by providing geodetic functions. BetaDLL contains precise functions for coordinate transformations with datum shifts using the German NTv2 standard BeTA2007. The Functions can be easy called from own applications.

Coordinate systems supported by BetaDLL:

1. UTM coordinates (northern hemisphere)
2. Gauss-Krueger coordinates(3 degrees wide strips)
3. Geographic coordinates (Greenwich) [deg,min,sec]
4. Geographic coordinates (Greenwich) [deg]

Geodetic Reference systems (datum shifts) supported by BetaDLL:

1. DHDN90 (NTv2 BeTA2007), Rauenberg, Bessel
2. ETRS89 (NTv2 BeTA2007), geozentric, GRS80
3. WGS84 (GPS NTv2 BeTA2007), geozentric, WGS84

BetaDLL comes with extensive documentation and is supplied as a DLL file or as C++ source code. The functions of BetaDLL are suitable for multithreading. The DLL is written in the C++ language. That gives very fast performance, compact code, and high stability in use.

WINDOWS operating system allows building of function libraries intended for use by applications, the so-called Dynamic Link Libraries. The application uses functions stored in the DLL by making a DLL call. The language used for developing applications that call functions of the DLL is not important. It could be C++, Delphi, MS-Access, Visual Basic or CA-Visual Objects or other. Therefore BetaDLL is delivered with examples and interface source code for many commonly used programming languages.


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