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Software Specifications

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1.05 MB
License [?]:
$299.00 USD
Last Updated:
Components and Libraries Software
Eterlogic Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Administrative rights
Only one virtual disk can be mounted; 256MB maximum available disk size; Simplified mount/dismount implementation; Nag screen.

Virtual Drive SDK Review

" Create and manage virtual disks that appear in Windows as regular disks. "

Virtual Drive SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to create and manage virtual disks that appear in Windows as regular disks. Virtual disk can be located anywhere: on hard disk, network, random access memory, database etc. To do this on your own you need to develop a driver that requires deep knowledge of operating system internals, and a lot of time for debugging and testing it.

Virtual Drive SDK makes possible to implement read/write operations without having to develop your own kernel driver. All necessary part of boring work is done, so you can focus on storage, encryption etc.

Key features:

* Simultaneous work with up to 8 virtual disks
* Simple user mode API for kernel driver management
* User application freeze/crash detection
* Automatic removal of dead volumes
* Read-only volumes support
* Built-in formatting support
* Samples for C++, C#, Delphi, Python
* Special distribution mode (does not require separate SDK installation)


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