CmdEmail Pro 1.5


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$229.00 USD
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Lion Soft
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
14-day trial

CmdEmail Pro Review

" Command Line Send Email Component. "

CmdEmail is command line e-mail component, it can be integrated into your application developed by Oracle Form Builder, VC, VB, Perl etc.

CmdEmail support command line interface, you call the program through command line. Supposed you have configed the program, you can send email to somebody just use a dos command. e.g.


The e-mail address (if exists) will receive a mail sent from you. Certainly the mail does not contain useful content you specified.

You need to specify the subject and mail body?

Okay, please create a message file and pass the file path to CmdEmail.

The message file includes two parts, header and body.

Header : Specify the recipients, subject, location of attachment etc.

Body Text: The content of the email.

There is a empty line between header and body.


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