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$299.00 USD
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Invention Pilot, Inc
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

PDF Creator Pilot Review

" The library for creating PDF files from VB, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript. "

The library for creating PDF files from Visual Basic, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript. PDF Creator Pilot includes detailed documentation together with the step-by-step tutorials.

Key features:

- Extended set of methods and properties for easy PDF-file generation;

- Ability to create watermarks for each page;

- Ability to add thumbnails to a PDF document;

- Ability to use and embed True Type fonts using different font embedding styles;

- Full support for East European, Turkish, Baltic, Russian, Greek and CJK (Japan, Korean, etc.) charsets;

- Ability to create interactive PDF documents using JavaScript and Hyperlinks;

- Support for interactive AcroForm elements: text input fields, buttons, radiobuttons, comboboxes, checkboxes;

- Encryption and password protection of generated PDF documents;

- Ability to create tree-like outlines;

- Ability to use hDC, which can be used to draw directly on a generated PDF document using WinAPI GDI functions. Using hDC feature, you can easily add PDF generating feauture to your existing VC++ and Delphi applications;

- Ability to use different image compression methods, including jpeg, flate, CCITT 3, CCITT 3 (2D) and CCITT 4;

- Ability to create and use annotations;

- Ability to generate PDF document as "in-memory" file or as "binary image" to be used on the Web server (requires a Web License).

- And more!


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