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CMenuXP - The Office XP Style Menu Review

" MFC classes to add flat, non-3D, "water-color" Office XP-style GUI to MFC apps. "

CMenuXP is a small set of MFC classes that allow developers to add various graphical user interface elements with an Office XP look to their MFC apps. What this means is that developers can add the flat, non-3D, "water-color" UI controls that were first introduced in Office XP to their MFC applications. These controls do not have raised edges, do not look "pushed in" when clicked, and are not "shadowed" (except for menus). Instead, when elements are selected, they are outlined and shaded. The following classes are included in the library:

- CButtonXP: Creates a flat-edged button.
- CComboBoxXP: Creates a flat-edged combobox.
- CMenuXP: Allows, among other things, icons along the edge of menus
- CStatusBarXP: Creates a flat-edged status bar.
- CToolBarXP: Developers can easily insert other controls into this toolbar.
- CBufferDC: Encapsulates double-buffering to eliminate flickering while drawing.
- CImgDesc: A menu item image management class.

However, the library has a couple of drawbacks. First, it cannot be used in a language other than C++. Second, it is written using MFC, the Microsoft Foundation Classes library. Although some programmers adore this framework, many find it unwieldy. Of course, the developer who wants to add the Office XP style to applications written using MFC may find that this class library can be of use. But developers starting a new project who are looking for a simpler, more secure library may wish to consider other options.


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