VTapi ActiveX 1.9


Software Specifications

VTapi ActiveX Screenshot
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286 KB
License [?]:
$139.00 USD
Last Updated:
Application Development Software
SoftCab Inc
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Voice modem
Not available

VTapi ActiveX Review

" Create IVR systems, answering machines, detect caller ID and much more. "

What can be done with VTapi ActiveX Control: Detect Caller ID on incoming calls, Make and answer telephone calls, Detect DTMF key press tones, Generate DTMF tones, Execute any commands on modem, Build computer telephony integration systems (CTI), Interactive voice response systems (IVR), Voice mail, Audiotext, Automated attendants, Digital recording Predictive dialers, Telemarketing systems, Call center and more!

- Caller ID - Name, number;
- Answer;
- Hangup;
- Call progress;
- Make Call;
- Dial - Completion of dialing on existing call;
- Generate DTMF - Generate tones - 0-9, *, #, A-D;
- Generate single frequency tones (beeps);
- Generate multi frequency tones;
- Generate simple melodies;
- Detect DTMF tones - remote party key presses;
- Execute any commands on modem (passthrough mode);
- Enumerate telephony devices;
- Telephony device setup dialog;
- Get/Set Current Line Device;
- Enumerate installed telephony/modem devices;
- Software Silence Detection;
- Software busy and dialtone detection;
- Software media tone detector - single and dual frequency detector;
- Text-to-speech support (SAPI4 and SAPI5);
- Playback WAV files (in any format!) over phone line;
- Record WAV files from phone line;
- Emulator is available - you can emulate incoming rings as well as DTMF key presses;
- many other features available!


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