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Wireless Application and Protocol Tools Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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csWAPDraw Review

" Create and edit wireless bitmaps (.wbmp files) for use with WAP enabled web pages. "

csWAPDraw is a COM object that can be used to create or modify wireless bitmaps. It can be used with active server pages to generate dynamic content on WAP web pages. It can load standard monochrome bitmaps for conversion or editing, or create a black and white images from scratch.

There are a set of drawing functions that can produce lines and either filled or unfilled shapes. Individual pixels can be read or written to. Other functions include crop, rotate, resize, flip and invert. Images can be combined by merging and text can be added.

Data can be passed to and from the component as .wbmp or .bmp files, as well as in the form of a variant array enabling use with databases and BinaryWrite streaming.

csWAPDraw can be used with development tools like Visual Basic to add wireless bitmap capabilities to applications. It gives access to the internal bitmap handle making it easy to integrate into another application.


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