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Alfresco Software, Inc.
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Alfresco Community Edition Review

" Open source enterprise content management (ECM) - Document, Collaboration, Records, Knowledge and Web Content Management and Imaging. "

Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management. Industry benchmarks with leaders such as MySQL and Red Hat have shown Alfresco to be the most scalable JSR-170 repository. Alfresco offers a low cost, easy-to-use, robust Enterprise Content Management suite built by former Documentum and Interwoven employees. This is suitable for true enterprise deployment with fail-over, clustering, distributed cache management, and LDAP integration built in as standard.

The Enterprise Network is fully supported with indemnity and warranty. It offers:

* Certified binaries, benchmarked for scalability
* Patches between releases
* Alfresco engineer responses within guaranteed response times
* Customer Portal

The Community Network is unsupported, has no indemnity or warranty and no benchmark certification. Traditional Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a critical part of any corporate infrastructure. An infrastructure can only be successful when it is based on industry standards and standard components. Most of today's legacy ECM systems were built in the early 1990's before content management standards existed. Many of the corporate infrastructure components and standards such as application servers, web services, RSS, REST we now take for granted were developed after many ECM systems further complicating the problem.

Alfresco is a modern state-of-the-art ECM built using Spring, Hibernate, Lucene and jBPM based on standards such JSR-170, JSR-168, Web Services and REST. This allows Alfresco to be deployed in any J2SE 5.0 (JRE 5.0) application server such as Apache Tomcat or JBoss Application Server delivering significantly better scalability and high-availability properties such as distributed cache management, automatic failover and clustering. Architecture

* Full Service Oriented Architecture using Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, MyFaces, JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSE5
* High Availability - Distributed content synchronization, Failover Manager
* Clustering - Fully Distributed Cache
* Zero Footprint Client
* Benchmark Certification - 10 million document repository testing
* White Paper Available - The First Open Source JSR-170 Benchmark

Key Features:

* Document Management
* Web Content Management
* Records Management
* Image Management
* Content Repository


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