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$19.95 USD
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

MyWeb Review

" A portable web server for everybody, click-to-go, flexible and safe. "

MyWeb is a portable web server for Everybody, click-to-go, flexible and safe. Anybody can build a website on his computer within a minute, without having to bother with HTML, script, security, CPU/RAM/disk workloads and any other technical stuff.

MyWeb hass the following features:
1. Support file downloading break-and-resume;
2. Support file uploading;
3. Work as an idle process.

MyWeb is easy to use. If you want to share files or folders on your computer with your friends, add them to the list; if you want to stop the sharing, remove them from the list. All is done within a few seconds. You can also decide whether the sub-folders should be hidden, whether the visitors can upload files to the folder.


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