SubmitWolf 6.0

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2.79 MB
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$169.00 USD
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Search Engine Submission and Optimization Tools Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Will auto submit to only 8 search engines.

SubmitWolf Review

" Submit your site to more than 1,000 directories and search engines. "

It can automatically register your Websites with thousands of engines and directories plus over 500,000 link pages.

  • Submit as many of your URLs as you like at no additional cost.
  • 48 hours, priority paid submission on MSN, HotBot, Overture (GOTO), iWon, AltaVista, Slider, WebWombat, WhatUSeek, LookSmart, Lycos and 50 others.
  • Analyze how well your Web site ranks on major engines.
  • Optimize your Web pages to improve search engine ranking.

Key Features:
  • Engine spam control: SubmitWolf Pro maintains a set of rules for each engine and will filter out the engines not appropriate for your Website type, content.
  • Fast concurrent submissions: Submit your URL to 50 engines concurrently, taking full advantage of your available bandwidth.
  • Site ranking: Enables you to check where your site appears in the search results of the major search engines.
  • Page optimization: The META tag editor allows you to tailor your keywords to achieve a higher search engine ranking.
  • Ranking tips: Comes with a knowledge base full of useful and practical information.
  • Engine editor: If a specific engine is not included in the SubmitWolf Pro database, the engine editor can be used to add it.
  • Engine filter: Organize your engine lists, by type, country or by any other criteria.
  • Smart category selection: Automatically chooses a category for you based on your site details.
  • Page import: Import keywords, description and other details directly from a Web page.
  • Full browser emulation: Including cookies, http headers, SSL, etc, making it virtually impossible to distinguish between this program submission and one done manually using a browser.
  • Proxy and Firewall support.


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