Searchlink 3.0

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$38.95 USD
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Search Enabling Web Sites Software
Silk Webware
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Searchlink Review

" Create a Java applet search engine for your web site. "

No programming required. Searchlink can be included on any HTML Web page and does not require a Java server.

A Web site visitor uses the search engine in a similar way to other Internet search engines, once a list is returned the links can then be followed with a single click over the appropriate link name. The links themselves are stored and formatted in a text file, this allows easy editing and fast access.

Like many popular search engines Searchlink allows for "all word" or "any word" searches. These keywords are compared with the keywords you supply when creating the links text file.

Features include:

* Is easy to setup and has full Instructions, sample files and email support
* Allows designers to add a background "wall paper" image
* Has an attractive 3D appearance
* Fully compatible with HTML frames
* Does not require a Java server
* Searchlink can contain up to 200 keyword searchable URLS


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