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3.44 MB
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Not available
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JavaScript Software
SourceTec Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Intel Pentium 233Mhz, 63MB RAM
30-day trial

Sothink Tree Menu Review

" Creates dhtml tree menu to navigate your website with ease. "

Sothink Tree Menu makes creation tour of JavaScript tree menu simple! Sothink Tree Menu has the features of wide compatibility, high performance, and easy operation. For compatibility, the generated dhtml tree menu can be compatible with the most browsers on diverse platforms; these browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Camino and Safari. For performance, thousands of nodes with unlimited hierarchical levels are in a navigation tree menu, and the number of tree menu in one page is not limited. The tree menu may be limited in a fixed area by setting width and height. Each node can have its own styles, which is different from the other nodes in font, color, and background. All the nodes can be expanded or collapsed from the beginning; the guide line can be displayed by your setting.

For operation, the visual interface lets you set the tree menu's properties easily; support double-click or right-click node to edit the node's property. The modification can be displayed instantly in the preview window, and also preview the tree menu in your favorite browsers.

Since there are three human designs in the program, creating tree menu, all these processes from the start to the end are so simple! They are built-in templates, intuitive interface, and Publish Wizard. For built-in templates, the program offers a group of professional JavaScript tree menus, you can choose any tree menu, and then modify text or replace image to build a new tree menu; for intuitive interface, tree panel, which is to show the hierarchy of the tree menu; preview window, which is to display the result of tree menu after the modification; tasks panel, which is to place the options of property panel; and property panel, which is to set property for nodes.

Publish Wizard, you can use four options, and follow the wizard to publish the tree menu into webpage step by step. With program, even though you are ignorant to the code, you still can build an excellent tree menu!


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