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Amaya Review

" A popular, complete web browsing and (HTML, CSS, HTTP1.1...) authoring environment. Alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver. "

Amaya is both a browser and an authoring tool dedicated to the World Wide Web. It has been specifically conceived to serve as a testbed client to experiment and demonstrate new web protocols and formats as well as new extensions to existing ones. This makes its features a bit specific.

A testbed client must be versatile enough to allow a wide range of experiments and demonstrations. That is the reason why Amaya has been designed as an active client, i.e. a client that not only retrieves documents from the web and presents them to the user, but also an authoring tool that allows an author to create new documents, to edit existing ones and to publish these documents on remote web servers.

To help investigate the impact of new specifications on the many aspects of a web client, Amaya has been designed with both:

* a WYSIWYG style of interface, which makes it easy to use,
* a structured representation of documents, which allows it to stick to the web specifications.

The web is made of a number of documents linked together. While working on the web, a user needs to access several documents, specially when following, creating, or modifying links. Amaya is able to work on several documents at a time. Several (X)HTML, native MathML (.mml) and SVG (.svg) documents can be displayed and edited at a time.

In its basic version, Amaya implements many web protocols and formats:

* it handles HTML documents with their hypertext links,
* it can display pictures in several formats, including PNG,
* it supports CSS 1, which allows it to display documents with style sheets and to create or edit style sheets,
* it accesses remote sites by means of HTTP 1.1, as implemented in libwww.
* it provides support for MathML presentation markup which allows users to browse and edit Web pages containing mathematical expressions
* it supports a subset of the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, namely basic shapes, text, images, and foreignObject
* it support RDF and XPointer


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