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2.41 MB
License [?]:
$29.00 USD
Last Updated:
Flash Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Adobe Flash Player
FPS is limited by 24, the "Unregistered" word in the program

FlashSlider Review

" Simple yet very powerful tool that allows to create and publish flash slideshows. "

FlashSlider allows to create any slide-shows easily and quickly. It can be either a showy presentation or an advertising banner. The program can be used as a web-authoring tool to make a flash movie of JPEG-images for your web-site. The program generates movies (*.swf files - Adobe ShockWave Flash format) for publishing to HTML or Macromedia Projector. Include music and choose whatever effect of the wide library for transition from slide to slide.

What's new:
- adding titles to frames;
- adding different URLs to each slides;
- playing the movie from any position with an advanced timeline.

List of available effects:

* Fading with using colors
* Gliding of the following or the following slide
* Panoramic view for current and following slides
* Moving and Transparency of the current slide sample
* Appearing of the following slide at point
* Expanding the follow slide
* Leafing the current (or following) slide
* Movement with inertia
* 90 degree 3D rotation
* Diagonal 3D rotation
* Cubic 3D rotation


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