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Software Specifications

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9.99 MB
License [?]:
$99.00 USD
Last Updated:
Database Publishing and Interactive Sites Software
Cross Culture Limited
Operating System:
Mac Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
Additional Requirements:
Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4
30-day trial. Run buttons are disabled after 30 days. Autorun is limited to one hour. Only the first 20 data values in each data feed are used.

Mergemill Pro Review

" Static website generator, and data processing, transformation, migration tool. "

Mergemill Pro is a versatile data processing, transformation, and migration tool. You may use it to do many things, like migrating data between databases, sending customized and personalized emails, monitoring websites, generating static websites, doing emails surveys, capturing information on the Web, reading out emails or any generated text, converting text file format, converting text encoding, and more.

Mergemill Pro 4.0 has been entirely redesigned and rewritten. This release features (1) diverse

datafeed sources, like emails, webpages, SQL data sources, and more; (2) powerful data processing

capabilities including multi-level data sorting, scripting in BASIC, and multiple search and replace

actions; (3) high level scripting with an expanded set of easy-to-learn tags; (4) diverse output

options including SQL data source update, sending emails, and voice output of the generated text;

(5) extensive support of Unicode and other text encodings; (6) project scheduling and autorun.


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