Grokker 2.1

Software Specifications

Grokker Screenshot
Editor Rating
19.58 MB
License [?]:
$49.00 USD
Last Updated:
Searching and Bookmarking Tools Software
Groxis, Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
400MHz Pentium III, 128MB RAM, 50MB disc space
Not available

Grokker Review

" Analyzes search results and groups them visually for effortless research. "

Welcome to the information revolution! Never wade through unorganized lists of search results again. Grokker, for the Mac and PC, analyzes each of your results and groups them visually for effortless (re)search. This means you will spend less time searching through results and more time understanding them because Grokker puts you in the driver's seat.

Grokker information maps are an innovative information currency that radically improves the way large amounts of information is organized, conveyed, and discovered making your data clear, accessible, and manageable. You can filter, edit, then save and even share your valuable map of research with others on both PC and Mac platforms.

Search engines make you comb over page after page of results, but Grokker frees you from the page rage! For example, Grokker will take the 100's of pages of results you get back from a Web search, and turn them into a single graphical map. This means that all of your results will be viewable within a few clicks. And the results will be arranged into contextual categories, so you'll be able to understand the overall make-up of your information as well as identify any relationships between the data.

Grokker visually searches top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Alta Vista, your computer, proprietary databases, and other sources like eBay and Amazon. As Grokker matures so does the growing list of plug-ins to important information sources. With Grokker, you control the information, not the other way around! Try it! You'll be surprised by how much information you've been missing.


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