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$40.00 USD
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Searching and Bookmarking Tools Software
Terria Development
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
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Not available

URLBase Professional Edition Review

" A powerful and easy to use bookmark manager. "

URLBase 6 is a powerful link management application, providing a wide range of functionality to manage bookmarks, favorites, and other link libraries. URLBase 6 enables you to import links from browsers and various file formats and enables you to export and synchronize your favorite links from browser to browser through an easy to use intuitive interface.

URLBase 6 Professional Edition uses a flexible and highly customizable user interface, providing you with powerful link management features. Easily accessible functionality allows you to verify web sites, check web sites for updates and scan for duplicate URLs. Take control over your bookmarks using the powerful Import/Export wizard, offering full support for the most popular browsers on the market today.

User defined libraries can contain links from multiple categories and enable you to group links based on your own criteria. This allows you to quickly export a specific subset of links, for example for a project at work or a links page on your web site. URLBase 6 Professional Edition provides flexible HTML export capabilities, giving you full control over the appearance of the HTML document through the usage of CSS definitions.

To prevent the storage of duplicate data, URLBase 6 Professional Edition uses an Alias system, which allows you to create references to links in the database. This powerful feature enables you to store a single link in multiple categories without any overhead, keeping your database efficient at all times. Powerful database search capabilities enable you to quickly find links based on search phrases, keywords, verification status, modification date or library assignments.

Based on years of experience, URLBase 6 Professional Edition matured to a stable and high performance level. Built-in database backup and recovery tools help you to prevent data loss. Enhanced database security protects your bookmarks and offers strong encryption for added protection of sensitive information.


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