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11.14 MB
License [?]:
$24.95 USD
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Searching and Bookmarking Tools Software
The ToolSmith LLC
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
100MHz Processor, 64MB RAM
1-day trial; Fully functional 1 hour demo.

FB Adder Review

" The affordable all in one Facebook friend adder. "

FB Adder is a new Facebook Friend Adder tool to help you manage your growing Facebook profile. It can help you stay in contact with your friends and finding new friends has never been easier. FB Adder lets you easily locate friends using a name search, college search, business search and more.

Here are just a few features of FB Adder:

* Add hundreds to even thousands of Facebook friends! FB Adder allows you to easily add friends into your Facebook account. You can extract friends from other Facebook profiles! You can also add friends based on names, companies, schools, and more!
* Feel free to use Facebook Adder with one or any number of Facebook accounts you might have. Sending friend requests from multiple accounts has never been easier.
* Import and export a list of friend IDs! Quickly save or load a list of profiles. An easy way to keep track of friends that you've already worked with.
* Names can be extracted from profile IDs and automatically inserted into the body of your message to give a more personalized feel if you're doing a mass mailing.
* Names can be extracted from profile IDs and automatically inserted into the body of your wall post to give a more personalized feel.
* FB Adder allows you to easily poke multiple friends at once.
* FB Adder has the ability to randomly sleep between actions and internally clicks links and submits forms essentially emulating you working with each profile individually.


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