Track Eraser 3.5


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2.05 MB
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$29.00 USD
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Privacy and Access Control Software
Hezisoft Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

Track Eraser Review

" Clear your tracks, erase your footprints, and protect your privacy. "

When using computer, no one like being watched. But computer itself will keep your "footprints", eg. the webs you visited recently, the images you viewed just now, files you read and so on. These all have been recorded and saved in the computer, anyone else can know what you have done by these "footprints". Track Eraser help you to protect your privacy.

Why Track Eraser?
1. Track Eraser can clear web access footprints, operating system footprints and 100s softwares' footprints.
2. Track Eraser support mutipletype browsers, such as Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and so on.
3. Track Eraser is SAFE tools. Before clearing, you can see anything then selectively clear them.

How safe in Track Eraser?
Before you clean your computer, Track Eraser will show all your privacy. Before cleaning, you can ensure what you want to clean, then clean them by all or one by one.

What strong Functions?
1. Track Eraser can clean recent documents, recent search, recent run program, Open/Save dialog, Temp files, Recycle Bin the windows recorded.
2. Track Eraser can clean recently visited URLs, cache files, cookie files, AutoComplete usernames and passwords the browsers (eg.IE) recorded. Track Eraser can also support other browsers, such as Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, and so on.
3. Track Eraser can keep the cookies file by your selection.
4. Track Eraser can clean footprints by software running, eg. Opera, Netscape, Winzip, Photoshop, ACDSee, RealOne, Media Player, CuteFTP, Net Vampire, Net Transport, Flash Get, ICQ2003, LeapFTP, NetCaptor, MS Office and so on. Now it supports more than 103 softwares, and the number will be enlarged continuously.
5. Track Eraser provide custom definition function: You can add into cleaner those softwares you are using.


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