Google Toolbar 3.0


Software Specifications

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694 KB
License [?]:
Not available
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Plug-Ins Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Internet Explorer 5.5+ (SpellCheck and AutoLink require IE 6.0+)
Not available

Google Toolbar Review

" Search with Google from any web page, block pop-ups and more. "

The Google Toolbar increases your ability to find information from anywhere on the Web, and it takes only seconds to install. When the Google Toolbar is installed, it automatically appears along with the Internet Explorer toolbar. This means you can quickly and easily use Google to search from any Web site location, without returning to the Google home page to begin another search.

Google Toolbar features include the familiar Google Search, plus other great features such as Search Site, which allows user to search only the pages of the site they're visiting; PageRank, which shows users Google's ranking of the current page; Page Info, which allows users to access more information about a page, including similar pages, pages that link back to that page, as well as a cached snapshot; Highlight, which highlights your search terms as they appear on the page; and more.

New Google Toolbar features:
- SpellCheck
Check your spelling whenever you type in web forms

- WordTranslator
Translate English words into other languages

- AutoLink (US only)
Turn street addresses into links to online maps


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