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Jonas Blunck
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Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
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Microsoft Internet Explorer
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ieHTTPHeaders Review

" Explorer bar for IE that shows HTTP Headers sent back and forth your IE browser. "

ieHTTPHeaders is an Explorer Bar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that will display the HTTP Headers sent and received by Internet Explorer as you surf the web. It can be useful in debugging various web-development problems related to cookies, caching, redirection, proxy servers, etc. It is nicely integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer so you'll be able to see the HTTP headers as they sent and received from the web server, without any need to fire up an extra tool set.

Using its built in filtering capabilities, you can filter away transaction based on their content type or the HTTP status code so you can focus on watching and debugging what you find interesting.

Some of the features include:

* SSL support
* Filtering based on content type
* Filtering based on HTTP status code
* Customizable coloring scheme for requests and responses
* Cherry pick from seeing the request, the response, the request body (POST data), or all at the same time.
* Grouping of requests and responses for easier debugging
* Use ieHTTPHeaders to debug or troubleshoot your web development, or use it for general spelunking. Ever wondered how a web server handles caching, redirection, e-tags, etc? Fire up ieHTTPHeaders and have a look!


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