Clip Downloader 1.02


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$24.99 USD
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Download Managers Software
Kabware Developments
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Limited number of downloads per use.

Clip Downloader Review

" A web site content leech and downloader. "

Clip Downloader is a content retriever, leech or Downloader that pulls contents from a given web server. Use Clip Downloader for all your download needs, download Movies, Music, and documents. In fact download just about whatever you want.

Clip Downloader will pull contents from password protected sites as well as non password protected sites. For password protected sites you get the option to supply the username and password. Alternatively if the username and password is part of the URL then, that username and password will be used to login. The program currently supports downloading of around 25 different content types including all the major movie and image formats.

Clip Downloader captures the current URL from Internet Explorer using user defined hot key combination. This way there is no need to copy and paste URLs from your browser. This keeping your surfing as smooth as it should be, just leave Clip Downloader on the tray to do its job. Clip Downloader is fully multi threaded and allows the user to customise the number of download threads that are in use at any given time. Up to 25 different threads can be used for downloading your content. Clip Downloader gives you all the options you need to organise and manage your downloads easily.

Regain control of the downloading process with Clip Downloader. This allows for better management of CPU usage as well as Bandwidth.


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